2015-11-12 : This diary is like an old comfy shirt that I rarely if ever wear
I don't even remember when I last updated. I figured I'd eventually stop writing in this permanently but I can't seem to completely stop. It's like an old, comfy shirt that I never wear (unless I need to paint or something). I used to write in this thing every day. I've been writing in it off and on for 15 years? WTF? REALLY!

I'm 46 now. Isabella is 6 1/2. Wow. She is very neurotic and very imaginative (just like her mommy)..She seems to dislike school this year. She tries everything in her power to convince me let her stay home. I don't fall for it (though she gets sick a lot..when do the kiddos as petri dishes stop?) but I hate seeing her so quiet and grouchy when going to school. I think she still hasn't adjusted to going all day long. I told her she in for many years of going to school all day but I don't think it's really sunk in.

Larry and I have been married for 8 years. Our anniversary was a few days ago.

Not much else going on. I want to start making bottle gardens/terrariums. Hmm....